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Things to do in Scilly

"We provide the accommodation, Scilly provides the rest."


The Isles of Scilly can provide a wide variety of activities for its visitors and due to its natural beauty and sub tropical location a great number of these can be done at minimal or no cost, for example a day at the beach (there are so many to choose from you can practically have one to yourself),coastal walks, cycling, swimming, bird watching, photography and much more.

Other activities and pastimes that can be found on Scilly include Fishing, Horse riding, Sailing and Windsurfing, Golf, Diving and Marine wildlife tours.

For the adventurous it is possible to venture out to an uninhabited island for the day, or there is the opportunity to snorkle with the seals or take a tour on a glass bottomed boat to see the marine life up close.

All this and much more is available to all who come to Scilly.

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